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About Feep! Search

What is it?

Feep! Search is a web search engine, focused on programming resources. It uses an independent index, currently totalling a bit over 29 million pages. (Result quality is rather variable, mainly because I haven’t tuned the ranking very well yet.)

How does it work?

It takes all the pages it knows about, shuffles some data a bit, and stuffs them in a full-text index. The data-shuffling bits are written mainly in Node.js, with quite a lot of shell scripts to glue everything together. Ranking and full text search is currently powered by ElasticSearch. Everything runs on an HP Microserver in the author’s living room.

Who runs it?

Feep! is a project of Wolfgang Faust, a professional software developer and amateur dabbler. Questions, praise, complaints, and commentary are welcomed via email: feepsearch @ my website (linked above).


From The New Hacker’s Dictionary:

feep: n. The soft electronic ‘bell’ sound of a display terminal

It’s mainly a nice short domain name, suitable for a hopefully memorable service. “Feep!” is spelled with the punctuation, like Yahoo!.

More information

For more information about Feep! search, see:

A silver cube (about 9 inches/22 centimeters on each side), with some cables attached, sits on top of a bookshelf of fiction, from "The Land of Oz - Baum" to "The Bronc Tattoo - Ellis". Next to it is a large plant with tall, stiff, slightly unkempt leaves in various shades of green.
The Feep! server, plus a snake plant.